Jackson’s Plan To Stop DC Marriage


Via Pam’s House Blend, we see that Harry Jackson appears in a new video laying out his plans on how they the Right can try to stop Washington, DC from granting marriage equality to its residents if his effort to get an initiative on the ballot fails – getting members of Congress to kill any such effort:

”Let me share with you, one of the unique dynamics of DC that makes your prayer, your involvement, your writing your Congressman so very important: Currently, every law that is passed in DC has got to be approved by the Congress. In other words, DC does not really have ‘home rule.’ Once they pass a law, that law has 30 days in which Congress, in its legislative sessions can decide that the city should not take the measure that they have taken. So, right now, we have the opportunity to block same-sex marriage reciprocity. We have an opportunity to block the rise of an overt same-sex marriage law by having your Congressman say, ‘Not on my watch.’ And tell them, the people must decide… We can turn this thing around by signatures for a referendum. And we can say yes to marriage, no to same-sex reciprocity, no to the land becoming a modern Sodom and Gomorrah, because you’ve reached out and responded to your Congressman…. What happens in DC, doesn’t stay in DC.”

In this this video, which appeared on the YouTube page of Kenyn Cureton, Vice President for Church Ministries at the Family Research Council, Jackson also dusts off the old Christian Coalition playbook by urging activists to works towards taking over local elected offices like school boards and thereby “change America politically through a new kind of activism … for the cause of Christ.”