Jackson: Elections Prove That God Is About to “Sweep Clean” The Nation

Yesterday I posted a clip from the Generals International webcast in which Cindy Jacobs prophesied the rise of a third party that would be led by people like Marco Rubio.

Earlier in the program, Bishop Harry Jackson skyped in to deliver his thoughts on the election results and declare them evidence that God is “about to sweep clean” the nation, which is finally waking up to the fact that President Obama is not a “true Christian”:

I believe that this election was very, very prophetic in that we have an agenda that President Obama ran on that talked about change. And now this sweeping, historic victory by the GOP, it really says that God is about substantive, long-lasting change.

I believe that God is about to sweep clean many, many places of power in America just as he has done this thing with removing Democratic Party leaders at an unprecedented level.

We Evangelicals finally said all the earmarks of being a true Christian are not really with President Barack Obama. I’m not saying he’s a Muslim, I’m not saying he’s not a true believer, I am simply saying that his attitudes and his policies are clearly antithetical to true Christian values and and the Word of God.