It’s The End of the World As We Know It

Via Dan Treul at The Huffington Post, we see that Mark Hennessy of the Irish Times apparently headed to Colorado Springs to check in on the Right’s predictions that an Obama presidency could spell the end of the world and found a family lounging on the grounds of Focus on the Family headquarters who believe, quite literally, that Barack Obama will be the fulfillment of Revelation’s end times prophecies … and can’t decide whether to be excited and fearful:

QUIETLY SPOKEN, religiously and politically conservative, and living in the heartland of evangelical Christianity in the US, Daniel Lopez pondered the end of time that could come if Barack Obama becomes president.

“When I think of it, it brings to mind the prophecies that the Bible tells us about,” said Lopez, sitting in the shade outside Focus on the Family’s headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“On the one hand, it is exciting for us as conservatives because we can actually see what God prophesied coming about; but on the other hand, it is frustrating to see somebody become president who is a blatant liar.”