It’s Not All Gays and Abortion

Sometimes it is just important to remind ourselves that the right-wing groups we monitor here do sometimes care about issues beyond gays and abortion … issues like preventing the use of fluoride in our drinking water:

Unless it’s the gold standard, few issues draw out the hard-core libertarians like the issue of fluoride in the water.

And Nevada, particularly the older and more settled northern part, has a strong contingent of those individuals who tend to liberally connect the dots on issues.

So the hearing room for testimony on Senate Bill 311, which would require the fluoridation of water in Washoe County, filled up quickly Monday.

Janine Hansen, head of the libertarian group Nevada Eagle Forum and president of the Independent American Party, testified about the dangers of fluoride, saying they include a risk of suicide. “Brain function is vulnerable to fluoride,” she said. “This is about civil liberties, medicating people through their water,” she said.

And thus the crux of the issue — this is government ordering you to ingest something even if you don’t want it.