‘It Has Been Decided In Heaven That Donald Trump Will Be The Next President Of The United States Of America’

On his television program yesterday, End Times prepper pastor Jim Bakker interviewed Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, who has born to a Hindu family but converted to Christianity as a teenager and whom Bakker hails as a modern-day prophet for supposedly having prophesied Hurricane Harvey and the destruction it would cause to the city of Houston.

During the program, Selvaraj told Bakker that during the 2016 election, he was called up to heaven and directly told by Abraham that it has been decided by “the council of the prophets” that Donald Trump would be America’s next president.

Agreeing with Bakker’s assertion that God chose Trump to be president, Selvaraj recounted an incident in August 2016 when he was listening to a speaker while attending a conference in California and was suddenly called up to heaven.

“My spirit was called up to heaven,” he said, “and I appeared at the council of the prophets and Abraham was seated there as the chairman of the council. I stood on the right side of Abraham and as soon as I came there and I looked at Abraham, just a little later, I saw the spirit of Donald Trump appear there and Abraham looked at me and he said, ‘It has been decided in heaven that Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States of America.'”