Is There Any Right Wing Gathering Bachmann Won’t Endorse?

We’ve never even heard of Keep God In America, but via Andy Birkey we see that Rep. Michele Bachmann sure has and is endorsing a three-day rally the group is hosting in Jacksonville, Florida in March:

From what I can gather, the organization was founded by a woman named Nanette Malher who, in addition to owning a company called Aviatrix Enterprises, is also a columnist for the ludicrously right-wing website Speakers scheduled to be at the conference include John Stemberger of the Florida Family Policy Council, Rick Green of Wallbuilders, Rick Scarborough of Vision America, Terry Kemple Community Issues Council, and Matt Brock of Liberty Counsel.

Like I said, we’ve never even heard of the group, but rally organizer, and Tea Party activist, Chris Nwasike obviously has enough sway to get Bachmann to produce a four minute video endorsing the rally and its mission.