Is the AFA Blacking Out Bryan Fischer?

Back in August, we noted that the America Family Association had started placing a disclaimer on every blog post written by Bryan Fischer saying that the views expressed were Fischer’s along and did not reflect the views of the AFA.

Seemingly the AFA was become aware of just how toxic Fischer was becoming and was trying to distance itself from his radical views … which is kind of laughable since they continue to give him a daily platform from which to spew his bigotry. 

But today Warren Throckmorton notices something I have been wondering about as well:  why as AFA seemingly started “blacking out” Fischer’s blog posts?

As Throckmorton notes, in order to read Fischer’s recent posts you have to highlight the text manually, which is not something you have to do with any of the other posts on the AFA blog.

So is this just some temporary technical glitch, or is the AFA actually trying to conceal Fischer’s posts?