Is It Even Possible For Glenn Beck To Jump The Shark?

Remember a few months ago when Glenn Beck aired his “documentary” entitled “The Revolutionary Holocaust: Live Free … or Die,” which aimed to explain how today’s liberals and progressives are just like the Nazis and Communists who murdered millions of people.

Well, apparently that message was a bit too subtle, which is why Beck is back with a new documentary, this one entitled “Progressivism: America’s Cancer

Missed Glenn at CPAC? Now you can get the DVD of the speech that rid Glenn of all 3 friends he had remaining. Tough on Republicans and Democrats, this speech gets right to the heart of what’s destroying America: progressivism. Also on the DVD are special features including all access with Scott Baker from the Insider Extreme launch event at the Nokia Theater AND the all new documentary titled: Progressivism: America’s Cancer.

For now, you can only get a sneak preview of it by ordering a DVD copy of Beck’s CPAC speech (though here it is called “Progressivism: America’s Disease”):