Is God Killing Off Evangelists?

It is hard to say, but that seems to be what Vision America’s Rick Scarborough is suggesting in this recent piece on the retirement of D. James Kennedy:

In Isaiah 3, God pronounces nine things that happen to a nation that turns its back on God. Included in the list are such things as rampant homosexuality, (Is. 3:9); apathy among the citizenry, (vs. 6-7); crime (v.5); and immature leaders (v. 4). At the beginning of the list, and perhaps as a precursor to all that follows leading up to judgment, is the removal of the prophets and the judges … During the past 21 months God has taken three of America’s prophets off the national scene–two by death and one by infirmity. Elsewhere, at length, we have discussed the sorry state of affairs concerning the judiciary in America. But the retirement of my friend and and [sic] a man whom I considered in many ways to be a mentor, D. James Kennedy, and the death of two great champions, Dr. Falwell and Dr. Adrian Rogers during the two years, should give everyone reading this Report pause. God is taking away our prophets, and tragically, their replacements on the national scene are in large measure preaching another Gospel, one that the world can more easily swallow that doesn’t tackle the big sins of abortion-on-demand and homosexuality, which Scripture refers to as an abomination.