Is Bryan Fischer Becoming a Liability?

In her profile of Bryan Fischer and his long history of controversial views, TPM’s Jillian Rayfield got the American Family Association to go on record proclaiming that Fischer’s views are entirely his own and do not represent official AFA positions:

Top social conservative Bryan Fischer has attracted a lot of notice over the last week for his polarizing comments about Muslims. And while Fischer may be the “Director of Issues Analysis” for the conservative Christian group the American Family Association, AFA spokesman Cindy Roberts remains emphatic that his “analysis” of the “issues” is his and his alone. Roberts told TPM that Fischer’s writings, many of which are featured on Fischer’s AFA website blog “Focal Point,” are “his personal opinion” and “not AFA’s position.”

And now Fischer’s blog posts on the AFA website, like this new one calling the Cordoba House the “Timothy McVeigh Mosque at Ground Zero,” are carrying this disclaimer:

Unless otherwise noted, the opinions expressed are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the American Family Association or American Family Radio.

Last year, the AFA lured Fischer away from the Idaho Values Alliance, named him director of Issue Analysis for Government and Public Policy and gave him a two hour daily program on its radio network … but now wants to claim that he in no way represents the views of the organization?


But it is quite remarkable that Fischer has become so radical that his own employer is now distancing itself from him. 

When you are too extreme for even the American Family Association, that is quite an accomplishment.