Introducing “Resisting The Green Dragon” The Book

In November Right Wing Watch highlighted a video by the Cornwall Alliance featuring prominent Religious Right leaders who lashed out at the environmentalist movement for trumpeting “exaggerations and myths,” and “seducing” and “scaring” children. Now, the Cornwall Alliance is pushing a book, “Resisting the Green Dragon: Dominion, Not Death,” about environmentalists’ “anti-human and anti-Christian ideas.” Focus on the Family has already endorsed the book. According to author James Wanliss of the Cornwall Alliance, environmentalists are attempting to “co-opt the church” and “harm the poor”:

“My book seeks to display the incompatibility of modern environmentalism with Western Civilization and suggests an alternative path that leads to godly dominion, not death,” Wanliss says. “I also show how the Green movement seeks to co-opt the church, and why the church should resist by teaching the Biblical relationship between humanity and the rest of creation that leads to the flourishing of both nature and humanity.”

“This book is both important and timely,” says Dr. E. Calvin Beisner, Founder and National Spokesman of the Cornwall Alliance. “Today’s environmentalism isn’t a neutral set of ideas that can be tacked onto the Christian faith without theological compromise. Instead, it promotes its own worldview and its own doctrines of God, creation, humanity, sin, and salvation. And those doctrines aren’t Biblical.”

1. Green Dragon: How Environmentalism Gets It Wrong and Endangers Society;

2. The Church Complicit: How Environmentalism Has Penetrated the Church with Anti-Human and Anti-Christian Ideas;

3. Created in the Image of God: Why Humans are More Special to God than Other Creatures;

4. Naked Ape: How Nature is Not Divine, and Humans are Spiritually Superior to All Other Creatures;

5. Dominion: How Humans’ Filling and Subduing the Earth Can Release It from Bondage;

6. Death Wish: How the “Sustainability” Chimera is Harmful to the Environment and Politically Dangerous;

7. Dominion, Not Death: How Environmentalism Harms the Poor and Biblical Christianity Offers the True Hope for the Future.