Intercessors for America’s ‘Deep State’ Prayer Guide Asks God to ‘Clean House’ in Government

Image from IFA "Intelligence Report" on the Deep State

We have noted before how unwavering support for President Trump from Religious Right leaders and conservative Christian media outlets helps maintain his overwhelming level of support among conservative white evangelicals. The new “Intercessory Intel Report” on “the Deep State problem” from Intercessors for America is another example.

Deep state. Shadow government. Both terms describe entities operating with their own agenda, secretly, subversively and without check. Some have called it a “silent coup”. It is like a dangerous current moving unseen under the water.

Intercessors for America has declared its intention to make the Trump administration the most prayed-for administration in history. It has previously distributed guides to its prayer warriors on a variety of political topics, including how they can help get “godly” candidates elected in the 2018 midterms.

The new two-pager on the “deep state” echoes the claims of conspiracy theorists and Trump allies:

Leaks. Organized resistance. Interagency confusion and sabotage. Unfounded allegations. Unrelenting personal smears. These things are more than just typical bureaucracy. They result from strategic power-plays by factions deep within the government itself. Actions take place hidden from public view—often with media complicity to further their stories and claims.

Deep State often has the strategic cooperation of well-placed players within departments that leak, surveil, operate outside the law and advance an agenda —and oppose all those who stand in their way.

The guide links to stories from right-wing media outlets like Daily Caller, Circa and Fox News and promotes the latest Project Veritas videos, which IFA describes as “raw footage of people currently working in government agencies who are knowingly working against our country.” As Jared noted yesterday, O’Keefe’s “Deep State” revelations really show that Project Veritas “is totally happy to wreck random people’s lives with half-baked assertions in order to make a buck manufacturing ‘proof’ to support Trump’s conspiracy theories,” and to assist in the right-wing assault on the civil service.

The IFA guide also notes Trump’s recent order—which he says he made at the urging of Fox News personalities like Sean Hannity—to declassify various FISA documents related to the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election so, says IFA, “that the public can see the context and magnitude of the efforts to subvert the Donald Trump presidency and those who voted for him.”

Among the specific prayer suggestions:

Pray that any plan to undermine, harm, derail and subvert elected officials would be uncovered. Pray that any conspiracy plans would be revealed and any illegal acts prosecuted. Ask God to clean house in our government!

Trump’s conservative evangelical backers have been on the Deep State bandwagon all along. In February, 1,300 people gathered at Trump’s DC hotel where a group of “apostles” and “prophets” led them in prayers that God would unleash his angel armies on Trump’s supposed deep state enemies in the FBI and Justice Department.