Infowars Website Goes Dark

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Employees for Alex Jones’ Infowars began frantically tweeting this afternoon that the website was on the receiving end a cyber attack. Although it’s unclear exactly what’s going on behind the scenes at Infowars, one thing is clear: the Infowars website was tanked.

Infowars editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson announced on Twitter that the site was offline and had “been under cyber attack for over a week since Big Tech launched its purge.”

Jones posted and deleted a couple explanations for the “attack.” One of those, captured by reporter Bethania Palma, blamed “Communist China and the [D]emocrats” for the site outage and advertised the Infowars app on the iTunes and Android store, where Infowars has not been de-platformed.

Eventually, Infowars explained on its offshoot site NewsWars that “one of multiple servers was inexplicably kicked offline.”

In a video posted to Twitter, Jones linked the claims that his site was attacked to his existing conspiracy theories that allege that tech companies are moving to China to implement oppressive social ranking systems in the United States.

“They have been trying to hack and DDOS attack and sabotage our servers and have people within major companies bring us down since the head of the Chinese slave factory censorship combine–the head of Apple, Mr. [Tim] Cook, Mr. [Mark] Zuckerberg and the heads of Google and Alphabet–decided to un-person us last Sunday night,” Jones said.

He claims that last weekend, Infowars staff faced similar attacks.