Infowars Host Travels to Manhattan to Yell at New York Times Building

(Screenshot / Periscope)

Infowars host Owen Shroyer traveled to Manhattan Thursday to yell at the New York Times Building for approximately 15 minutes.

On Monday, the New York Times published an article about Shroyer’s interruption of the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment hearing and noted that Shroyer had been able to broadcast the stunt on Twitter using his verified account, despite most major online platforms’ ban of Infowars. Shroyer’s status on the website appears to violate promises Twitter made to keep Infowars accounts off its platform after it banned Infowars founder Alex Jones last year. The Times asked Twitter for comment, but Twitter declined.

In response to the Times’ reporting, Shroyer traveled to New York City and hopped aboard the “Infowars battle tank,” an armored vehicle purchased by Jones for the stated goal of garnering press attention. The truck is outfitted with a high-power speaker system, which Shroyer used to shout about conspiracy theories to anyone in Midtown Manhattan who would listen.

“You know what they say about New York City. If you can make it here, Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself,” Shroyer said.

When the armored vehicle arrived at the Times’ building, Shroyer proceeded to yell indiscriminately at the structure. After a few minutes, a passersby on the street told Shroyer that he is a “loser” and an “idiot,” prompting Shroyer to spend a significant portion of his time arguing with hecklers about their IQ scores.

Infowars has suffered a steady, slow decline since it was banned online, and the site has turned to increasingly desperate bids for the public’s attention. Thursday’s stunt was reminiscent to the time anti-Muslim activist Laura Loomer handcuffed herself to the door of Twitter’s New York headquarters after she was permanently suspended from the platform for spreading hate.