Infowars Host Threatens to Mobilize Audience to Defy COVID-19 Social Distancing Orders

Infowars host Owen Shroyer demands that President Donald Trump’s administration lift social distancing recommendations meant to slow the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, ​threatening to push the Infowars audience into “revolting”​ if he does not.

On Monday’s episode of “The Alex Jones Show” on Infowars, Shroyer guest-hosted in place of his boss, prolific right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Shroyer took issue with the guidelines in place, equating the measures to “tyranny and communism”—ideas he claimed were “more deadly than the coronavirus.” It had become so “hard to believe” the state of the world, he said, that he empathized with followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

“I guess that’s why so many people have latched onto the Q movement, because it’s the only thing that makes sense to them at this point,” Shroyer said. “So, I get it.”

Shroyer then threatened to mobilize the Infowars audience, which still comprises of thousands of listeners and viewers despite the outlet being banned from nearly every social media platform, ​to defy social distancing orders and gather in large groups.

“It’s time for the people in the Trump administration and people in the media—this is the week, folks. It’s make-or-break this week, OK? We can’t go on like this anymore,” Shroyer said. “Re-open the economy next week, re-open everything next week, or I really might come on here just start calling for revolting against this.”

He continued, “I’m not calling for violence or illegal activity, but I’m saying host parties, go out on the town in groups, go to your stadium, say, ‘Open up the ballgames again.’ This is America. Let’s live.”