In the Wake of the MAGA Insurrection, Jim Bakker Now Insists That ‘Christians Don’t Riot’

On Tuesday’s episode of his “The Jim Bakker Show” television program, End Times pastor Jim Bakker and his guest, End Times author Jonathan Cahn, insisted that Christians had nothing to do with the Jan. 6 insurrection in Washington, D.C., when supporters of then-President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol in an effort to prevent Congress from certifying the election for Joe Biden.

Bakker and Cahn insisted that even though Christians played no role in the chaos at the Capitol, left-wing activists are nonetheless trying to use the event to justify shutting down churches and persecuting believers.

“I still don’t understand all of that,” Bakker said. “Christians don’t burn buildings down. Christians don’t riot. They just don’t. I’m talking about born-again Christians, biblical Christians.”

That is an interesting statement coming from Bakker, considering that just three months before the election, Bakker himself warned that if Trump lost the election, Christians would start a revolution.

“We’ve got a few more days to stand up,” Bakker said in August 2020. “It’s going to be too late after the election, I believe. I think if we elect the wrong people—and you see how wrong it’s been—we’re gonna have a revolution. The church people are going to march in the streets.”

That was not the first time that Bakker had issued such a warning. In 2017, he repeatedly declared that Christians would “riot” if Trump was impeached by Congress.

“If they go through with that, there will be a riot in the United States of America, and you’re going to find little old ladies rioting, you’re going to find the church people out rioting because they’re not going to take it any more,” Bakker said in November 2017.

“It’s unconstitutional to do what they’re doing,” he said in December 2017. “There is going to be an explosion if you don’t stop it. People are not going to tolerate it anymore. … I wouldn’t even be surprised if you don’t see quiet old ladies, like some of you sitting here, marching in the streets because America is not even going to be worth living in in another year or two, the way we’re going if we’re not careful. We can’t let people take over who hate God.”

“If it happens, there will be a civil war in the United States of America,” Bakker said in May 2017. “The Christians will finally come out of the shadows because we are going to be shut up permanently if we’re not careful.”

For years, Bakker had warned that Christians would rise up, riot, and start a revolution if Trump was removed from office. When Trump was removed from office, a group of his supporters did exactly that, and now Bakker insists that Christians had nothing to do with it.