In Iowa, Brownback Strikes Moderate Pose

After weeks of campaigning at Right Wing events and jostling for the mantle of “most conservative” candidate, Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback visited Iowa and struck a completely different chord:

Kansas senator and presidential candidate Sam Brownback said Tuesday that he would focus his campaign on issues that have a bipartisan consensus, a break from his trademark social conservatism.

“The political discourse automatically goes to the most difficult issues, and then we can’t talk about them,” said Brownback, in Iowa for the first time since announcing his bid on Jan. 20.

“I’d rather work on a core set of issues that we can agree on.

Brownback’s next stop was Michigan: This afternoon, he spoke at a conference of non-profit managers, where he apparently focused his remarks on alternative fuels. But the real test of the senator’s claim will come with reports of his speech this morning at Ave Maria Law School, founded by right-wing funder and Domino’s Pizza founder Thomas Monaghan. Monaghan has endorsed Brownback, saying he “doesn’t want to be associated with anyone who’s going to compromise.” The topic of Brownback’s speech was the judiciary, and in the past few months, Brownback has tried to block a nominee who once attended a lesbian commitment ceremony. How will the new, “bipartisan” Brownback address his divisive actions in the Senate?