‘I’m Not Salmon Shit. I’m A Salmon’: Alex Jones Lashes Out At Skeptical Fans

Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist leader of Infowars, lashed out at viewers who doubted his claims that President Trump has ordered an Israel-Iran conflict media blackout and told them that they “don’t want to be helped” because they’d rather just “drink fluoride” and die.

Jones was streaming live video to his fans while driving yesterday and lashed out at the “dumb bastards” who doubted Jones’ claims that Trump has used executive wartime powers to order a media blackout regarding the ongoing Israel-Iran conflict. As he fumed, he told his critics that he is “not salmon shit,” whereas they are “squirting out the end of a salmon.”

“God, you libtards are dumb. You think because the big tech giants let you promote yourselves that that means you’re the leaders? I know I’m swimming upstream here because I’m not salmon shit. I’m a salmon. You’re squirting out the end of a salmon,” Jones said.

“Jesus, God,” he sighed. “The globalists told me a long time ago when [David] Rothkopf and [Henry] Kissinger group tried to hire me, they said, ‘Alex, you can’t get the public to wake up. They’re animals. We tried to help them. They only tear you apart.’ And it’s true.”

Jones’ voice began to break as he lashed out against America at large.

“You don’t care. You don’t want the truth. You don’t want to be helped. You want to drink fluoride and take Prozac and GMO and you want to die. You love it. You love being losers. You love being failures. You love being ill-informed. You love not being able to find even your capital city on a map. You love it,” Jones said.

He paused for a few seconds before adding, “But I will not join the globalists in your extermination. I will not be part of it.”