Illinois Family Institute Tries to Rewrite History

Last August, we wrote a post about a piece penned by Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute entitled “Christians Should Fight Homosexuality Like It Did Nazism” in which Higgins argued exactly what the title stated: 

We reassure ourselves that if we had lived during the age of slavery or in Germany during the rise of Nazism or during the post-Civil War era when virulent racism still poisoned American life, we would never have stood idly by and done nothing, but I’m not so sure. Look at the church’s actions today when homosexuality and gender confusion are affirmed to and in our nation’s children through our public schools using our hard-earned money. Where is the church? Where is the outrage? Where are the church leaders who rejoice in being persecuted?

I’ve asked this question before and I will ask it again: How depraved does the behavior have to be and how young the victims before the church, starting with those who have freely chosen to assume the mantle of pastor or priest, will both feel and express outrage at the indecent, cruel, and evil practice of using public money to affirm body and soul-destroying ideas to children?

Will the contemporary American church rise to this occasion to defend children and biblical truth, or will we become like the acquiescent church that failed to help William Wilberforce battle slavery, or the atrophied “moderate white church” that failed to help Martin Luther King Jr. battle racism, or the apostate Protestant church in Nazi Germany that failed to help Martin Niemoller and Dietrich Bonhoeffer battle Nazism?

Now, Higgins has contacted us saying she never wrote a piece with such a title and demanding that we correct our “error”:

You have stated that I wrote an article entitled “Christians Should Fight Homosexuality Like It Did Nazism.” I have never written any article with that title. The title is now and always has been “Anger and the Church.” Please correct your error.

Of course, when I wrote the initial post, I put the title of Higgins’ piece in quotes because that was its title, and the URL we provided in the post proves it:

That link now redirects to the same piece, though it now carries the new title “Anger and the Church.” 

If that has “always been” its title, then maybe Higgins can explain to us how the original URL we used ended up with “church-should-fight-homosexuality-like-it-did-nazism” in it. 

UPDATE: Higgins wants it made clear that her article was originally entitled “Anger and the Church,” and that it was Opposing Views which picked up and retitled it without her permission until she contacted them and asked them to use the original title.