If Gays Can Serve Openly In The Military, God Will Cause Us To Lose Wars

You might remember Rabbi Yehuda Levin from his statement earlier this year that repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was the “equivalent of the spiritual rape of our military” and would cause untold natural disasters because “homosexuality is a spiritual cause of earthquakes.”

Well, today he is back with another warning that letting gays serve openly will cause the US to lose wars because God will “repel [HIS] Divine Grace from our military’s struggles, and beyond”:

“Passage of such evil legislation would expedite our hurdling towards Sodom and Gommorah. It would also threaten to repel Divine Grace from our military’s struggles, and beyond. We call upon the Senate to unapologetically filibuster this legislation. We also ask all people of faith to adhere to our previous declaration that it is forbidden to vote for office-seekers who support the homosexual agenda.

“We wish to express our deep anguish, and apologize to the American people for the role Senators Lieberman and Levin have played in advancing this ‘abominable’ legislation. WE CONDEMN THEM. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.”