Idaho Family Takes Bold Stand Against Evil Greeting Card Menace

When it was first revealed that Hallmark was going to start selling cards for same-sex weddings, the Right predictably threw a fit and quickly swung into action with an equally predicable boycott.

Now, a family that owns seven Hallmark stores in Idaho has announced that their stores will not carry the new cards and the Idaho Values Alliance is taking the credit:

Great news on the culture front! The owners of the seven local Hallmark stores, which all go by the name “Jordan’s Hallmark,” will not stock the corporation’s newly developed homosexual-marriage greeting cards.

The owners live here in the valley, and in a phone conversation this morning with me, they made it clear that they would not stock the card in any case because of their personal values, which are shaped by the Judeo-Christian tradition.

They were blindsided by Hallmark on this rollout, and had no idea the cards were coming until they read about in the newspapers.

Realize that if gay activists get their way, and introduce “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” protections into Idaho law, these owners could be sued for discrimination for their conscience-driven decision not to sell pro-gay greeting cards.

The best thing IVA supporters can do at this point is to make sure we buy our next special occasion card at a Jordan’s Hallmark. They’ve felt the pinch of the slowdown in the economy like everyone else, and are also up against some big box stores which also carry Hallmark cards.

Let’s make it a “buycott” instead of a boycott, and show our support for local businessmen who are committed to doing the right thing. Be sure to thank the staff for the store’s stand when you make your purchase; they will pass on your word of encouragement to the owners.

In an IVA action alert last Thursday, we asked you to call a local Hallmark store to urge the owner not to put the cards in his stores, and you responded. Conversations with that manager on Thursday and Friday indicated that the phone had not stopped ringing.

Thank you for your response to our action alert! Together, when the pro-family community takes simple steps to make our voice heard, we can make a difference in the battle for the heart and soul of our culture.