‘I Want To Tear Them Limb From Limb’: Alex Jones Goes To War With Trump’s Demonic Foes

While fearing Donald Trump’s imminent assassination, Alex Jones of InfoWars is still looking at the bright side of life: God is on his side.

However, this news also means that Satan is working against him, which prompted a tearful rant from Jones yesterday about how he, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are battling the forces of evil.

“Russia is putting up a fight against in the face of just absolute pure evil,” Jones said.

He said that Trump would work with Putin to fight the globalists and put “humans first,” adding that when he thinks about the globalists, he wants to “tear them limb from limb.’

He wants jobs and prosperity and helicopters and money and spaceships and humans. Humans are first. The globalists hate humans. They want world government. They think they’re god. They’re psychopaths. They want to deform us and jack with the food and mutate everything. Russia’s banned GMO. You tune into Russian TV now, it’s like I’m hosting it. It’s not that I’m something special, I’m just human resistance. I’m someone smart enough to study it and decide to resist it. I love people, I love my kids. I love people in Japan and people in Mexico and people in Russia. I love people all over the world.

I hate tyrants. I hate psychopaths. The only reason I get tears in my eyes when I think about this is because I have so much energy to assault the enemy. I want to tear them limb from limb. I want to meet them. I’m sick of them. I’m ready to fight them. I’m ready to stand against them. I believe in humanity. I’m not a parasite that gets off on dumbing people down. I’m not a parasite that wants to hurt people. I want to crush the enemy and I will crush the enemy and you have to crush the enemy and we will crush them.

This, Jones explained, is also a spiritual war:

Everything is aligning. Evil is coming out of the pit of hell. Good is rising up against it. We are in the most epic time in human history right now. Things are going to get insane and I know full well Obama went for two minutes to Scalia’s funeral to pray like a buzzard over it and we have to call the enemies out, we have to not be afraid of them, we do not have to be afraid of what they’ll do to our bodies. I am not afraid of these people at all, even though they have done things to me that make it to the point that I’m the only person that can take care of my children. They have persecuted me. They have attacked me. They have done things you couldn’t even believe if I told you and it doesn’t matter because it’s in God’s hands, it’s in God’s hands and I put myself in God’s hands right now because it’s God that’s going to deliver us from this. And I just want people to break free from this Satanic evil and to stand up against it.