Huckabee Hearts GodTube

GodTube, the religiously-based alternative to YouTube best known for bringing us such videos as “A Letter From Hell,”The Day They Kicked God Out of the Schools,” and some excellent Kirk Cameron-approved advice on “How to Witness to Someone Who’s Gay,” is getting into politics:, the website which set the record as the #1 fastest growing website in the U.S. according to ComScore during its first official launch month, announces it will conduct ongoing election polling for the 2008 presidential race. Religion has already taken center stage in this year’s Presidential election, and allows concerned Christians to have a voice on important issues, such as the war in Iraq, abortion, and the economy.

Currently there is no single source of nationwide Christian polling, and is uniquely positioned to reach the Christian community. With more than 2.5 million monthly visitors and over 250,000 registered Christian users, including 25,000 churches, connects with tens of thousands of Protestant and Catholic Americans each day seeking faith online. As Christians look to November 2008 and decide who will lead them for the next four years, gives users the opportunity to voice their opinions and discuss with other users how each candidate complements their own political and religious beliefs.

While most of the campaigns simply have candidate videos or speeches available, one candidate sat down with GodTube for an exclusive interview to praise “the importance of Godtube in the 2008 presidential election.”

Guess which one:

“Well, the reason GodTube is an important part of the election process is because this myth that Christians ought to sort of keep to themselves in the church and never get outside — that’s like saying “let’s never let the salt get onto things that are spoiling, let’s never let the light actually show up in a dark places to illuminate the path.”

That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. The whole point of being a Christian is to penetrate the darkness, is to preserve the things that are spoiling, and I don’t know of anything more spoiled, more decadent, than politics.

So if there’s ever a place where there ought to be a concentration of Christian activity and involvement, I’d say it’s in politics and government.

The outreach seems to be paying off, as Huckabee is now leading in the all-important GodTube polling.