Huckabee-Backed House Candidate: Obama “Played With Terrorists” and Allowed “America-Hating Pastor to Baptize His Children”

Last summer, we wrote a post about Les Phillip who is running for a seat in Congress representing District 5 in Alabama after he received Mike Huckabee’s endorsement and then ended up losing tens of thousands of dollars covering Huckabee’s expenses when he appeared for a fundraising event.

The only reason I bring that up now is because, via David Weigel, we see that Phillip is running a rather remarkable new ad:

This is the story of two young men. One fell in with left-wing radicals; the other immigrated to America.

While one played with terrorists and allowed his America-hating pastor to baptize his children, the other joined the Navy to defend his country.

I love America, but President Obama is ashamed of it.

I’m going to Congress to help stop him from destroying our nation … and they’re not going to call me a racist.

I’m Les Phillip and I took and oath to defend this country against enemies foreign and domestic and I approve this message.