Huckabee and Parsely Team Up

Back when he was running for president, John McCain infamously rejected the endorsement of Rod Parsley … but it is safe to assume that Mike Huckabee would never do the same.

Today, Parsley is releasing his newest book, “Living on Our Heads: Righting an Upside-Down Culture” which, according to this video, has been blurbed by both Rick Santorum and Huckabee.

But Huckabee has gone a step further in appearing just last week as a guest on Parsely’s “Breakthrough” program to help him pitch this new book and overall lament that Christians are coming in for all sorts of abuse in today’s culutre while Muslims are off limits:

Huckabee: Political correctness has taken root in this country in a frightening kind of way. It’s okay to be completely antagonistic toward a Christian. One can say anything. It can be vile, vulgar, it can be indecent. But say anything unkind toward a Muslim, and you’ll be muzzled for it.

This is strange, it’s bizarre. I never would have imagined as a child growing up that the day would come when Christians were considered so out of the mainstream that they were ostracized and in many ways put aside as if their freaks. But the reality is that there is still a great majority of people in this country who believe in God, who believe in the Bible, who attend church and who personally identify themselves as Christians, even a great number who identify themselves as Evangelical, Bible-believing Christians.

So the first thing we do is quit apologizing, quit hiding, be bold, be strong, not obnoxious, but be present, be salt, be light. And by the way we should know that salt irritates, and light sometimes gets in the way of those who prefer to live in the darkness. Anybody who has been caught doing something in the dark by the sudden flash of the flashlight knows that it is usually met with a very strong negative reaction. I think what we’re seeing in our culture is that the presence of true, Bible-believing Christians is like that flashlight coming on, catching somebody doing something in the dark and the reaction is dramatic.

Parsley: Governor, thank you so much. Let’s really thank Governor Mike Huckabee for being with us. I sure look forward, Governor, you’ve got to come and join me right here on the Breakthrough set. You made me a promise and I’m going to hold you to it. God bless you.

Huckabee: Well pastor, I look forward to being with you. I appreciate your friendship and I’m excited about your new book and I hope that it will have a dramatic impact, not just for your immediate congregation but for viewers and followers across the world.

Parsley: Thank you so much. Thank you so much.

Parsely is looking forward to having Huckabee in studio and Huckabee is looking forward to joining him … and I am looking forward to recording it and posting it as continuing proof that Huckabee is a Religious Right true believer.