Huckabee and Norquist Disappear From List of “Invited Speakers” to “The Awakening 2011”

Earlier this month we noted that the Freedom Federation had announced that the next “Awakening” conference would be held at Liberty University in April, offering an opportunity for Republican leaders like Michele Bachmann and Newt Gingrich to rub shoulders with Religious Right activists like Lou Engle and David Barton.

Among those listed on “The Awakening 2011” flier at the time as “Invited Speakers” were Mike Huckabee and Grover Norquist:

But the flier has recently been updated and both men have been removed:

Now, it makes sense that someone like Norquist would be dropped, given that he is involved with the organizations that are causing many of the Religious Right groups to boycott CPAC, but why has Huckabee suddenly disappeared from the list of “invited speakers”?  Did he decline to participate, or has he been uninvited, or what?