How President Obama Ruined My Summer Vacation

Last year, the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins and his daughter traveled to Honduras to do missionary/humanitarian work and they returned again in April of this year to do more of the same.

And apparently Perkins had plans to return once again, at least until the recent coup destabilized the nation and understandably put the trip on hold. 

But you know who is really to blame for his trip getting ruined?  President Obama:

Honduras’s political instability and warnings from our in-country contacts about growing hostility toward Americans because of the Obama Administration’s support of ousted leftist President Manuel Zelaya, have placed the trip on hold … the political stalemate that has been created in part by the Obama Administration supporting the constitutionally ousted president has to be resolved first. The U.S. media has not been very helpful. From the beginning, the coverage has been slanted as evidenced by calling the military’s execution of a court order a military coup.

I’m sure that President Obama will get his act together now that he knows that Perkins is being inconvenienced and his summer vacation has been ruined because the administration has failed to solve the political turmoil roiling Honduras.