How Gay Marriage “Sodomized The Entire Culture” and Destroyed Father’s Day

Last month, when the California Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage rights for gays and lesbians, the Right was typically apoplectic, unleashing everything from Nazi metaphors to warnings that the end of the world was near.   In the weeks since, it doesn’t seem as if the Right has calmed down much and now that marriages have begun in the state, they have come out in force to rail against it and warn of dire consequences to come. 

While Concerned Women for America announced a Day of Prayer and Fasting in hopes that “our nation will return to the Biblical values on which she was founded,” others such as Biblical Family Advocates screeched that “California has slid off of its foundations into moral anarchy” and accused the court of mandating sin by allowing gays to “sodomize the entire culture”:  

“It is truly amazing that the homosexual community desired the government to get out of their bedroom and now they use the government to force their bedroom upon the general populace. They will not be satisfied until they have sodomized the entire culture, including the family, schools and even the church which should be a safe haven for children, not hedonistic indoctrination camps.”

For his part, Vision America’s Rick Scarborough lambasted the “judicial autocrats” who have dealt “another body blow to the institutions of marriage and the family” and proclaimed that religious institutions and the family itself were now in danger:

“Those who think the judicial assault on marriage won’t affect them had better think again. It will impact on everything from adoption to public-school curriculum. Church-based agencies will be forced to place children with same-sex couples or get out of the adoption business. The schools will be required to teach that there’s absolutely no difference between a family with a mommy and a daddy and one with two mommies, or two daddies.”  Scarborough urged the people of California and America to “resist this monumental evil.”

The idea that faith-based organizations will come under attack was echoed by the Family Research Council, as was the idea that the traditional family was also in danger, with FRC going so far as to run ads bizarrely claiming that marriage equality was somehow going to destroy Father’s Day: