How Cindy Jacobs Shut Down Craigslist

Last week we noted that Cindy Jacobs had participated in The Call rally in Sacramento, CA where she repented for the scourge of girl-on-girl kissing and lesbianism which plague our society today.

But, as it turns out, the prayers and prophecies she delivered at the event played in role in shutting down Craigslist’s adult services ads, as she explains in her latest Generals International update:

At one point there was a whole section on fighting human trafficking, sex trafficking, repenting of involvements in pornography and so forth and our friend Nancy Alcorn had her girls up who they had rescued from prostitution and so many things, some had actually been trafficked, been captured. And as we prayed there was a section where these girls were asked to go back, away from the platform, there was a cross, a big cross set up, and they kneeled down and began to pray and I gave them a prophecy and I said “could it be that even right now, as we speak, that that God, the just God, wants to give you a sign that he is going to break the back of sex trafficking.”

And so they cried out for freedom and they cried out and asked God to do that and right after that we received word that Craigslist was going to begin to censor some of the things that were coming over their list concerning pornography and adult content. And we just felt it was a huge victory.