How Bryan Fischer Operates

One of the most amazing things about Bryan Fischer and his daily radio program is how he manages to pluck isolated news articles out of the ether and hold them up as rock-solid proof of the need for America to embrace his agenda.

Every article about a terrorist attack is proof that Muslims should be banned from serving in the military and every article about someone being criticized for spouting anti-gay remarks is proof that gays are committing hate crimes.

And today Fischer held up a story about a seven year-old boy driving a car 50 miles per hour on a twenty mile journey to see his father is proof that the nation needs to make it more difficult to get divorced.

Fischer actually spent four minutes talking about an incident in Michigan where a boy took his stepfather’s car and attempted to drive to his biological father’s house in another town before being stopped by the police.  Nobody seems to know why he did this, other than his insistence that he wanted to see his father whom, according to news reports, he sees regularly and with whom he had just spent the previous day.

But Fischer, while openly acknowledging that he knows absolutely nothing about the parents of this child nor why their marriage dissolved, nevertheless used it as evidence to argue that the nation’s divorce laws need to be tightened. 

Citing no evidence whatsoever, Fischer claimed that “what I know is you got a seven year-old kid absolutely chewed-up and spit out by the fact that his parents would not stay together” and stating that he took the car because “he was desperately missing the presence of a father in his life”:

The fact that Fischer doesn’t “know” that at all and, in fact, seemingly knows next to nothing about the incident was certainly not about to stop him from using it as “proof” to justify his sweeping judgments in support of his right-wing agenda.