Horowitz: Teachers’ Unions Leading the “Infiltration of Islamic Jihadist Doctrines Into Our K-12 School Systems”

After calling for conservative writer William Kristol to apologize for “demonizing Glenn Beck, who has done more to educate Americans about the unholy alliance between the secular left and the Islamic jihadists than anyone else,” David Horowitz is now railing against the purported “infiltration of Islamic Jihadist doctrines” in public schools. Horowitz was reacting to the latest right-wing outrage over a school district in Texas that “wanted students at selected schools to take Arabic language and culture classes as part of a federally funded grant,” a program “similar to the Spanish curriculum already in place in the district.” Ultimately, the school district put the Arabic language classes, which were to be “funded by a five-year, $1.3 million Foreign Language Assistance Program federal grant,” on hold.

But that hasn’t stopped Horowitz from speaking out. Horowitz, who has a long history of vilifying both Muslims and the public education system, is railing against the school district and teachers’ unions as terrorist sympathizers who want to “indoctrinate students,” and claims that the Arab world contributed nothing to culture “except terror.” Horowitz tells the AFA’s OneNewsNow:

The DOE program identifies Arabic as “a language of the future.” But David Horowitz, founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, says Arabic is now a language of the past.

“What has the Arab world contributed except terror?” he exclaims. “The theocratic, repressive Arabic states do no significant science, no significant arts and culture.”

The political activist admits he is skeptical about the district’s claim that the courses will be about language and culture, and not about the Islamic religion.

“We already have a lot of infiltration of Islamic jihadist doctrines into our K-12 school systems,” he argues. “The teachers unions have ruined our K-12 schools. These unions are very left-wing and they encourage Palestinian terrorists to come to the school and indoctrinate students. So I’m not too happy about this news item.”

Horowitz says if the Mansfield ISD really wanted to look at a “language of the future,” they would teach their children Chinese.