Hooray! Hercules Is Going To Save America

Do you know what America needs at this moment?  A documentary featuring Kevin Sorbo of “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” exposing the “Twelve Biggest Lies” that are destroying America:

Kevin Sorbo (SOUL SURFER, WHAT IF…, AVENGING ANGEL, HERCULES, ANDROMEDA) wants to stand up for truth, and as the host of Cloud Ten Pictures’ upcoming explosive documentary THE 12 BIGGEST LIES, he’ll be facing the age-old battle between truth and lies head-on.

This will represent Sorbo’s first foray into the documentary genre … “Communism didn’t work for the USSR, but it was an accepted philosophy for over 50 years. Once the wall came down, that philosophy was exposed for the failed experiment – the lie – that it was. It still boggles the mind; some of those people had lived a lie for their entire lives to that point. We have similar accepted theories today, where any debate has been squelched by the community that yells the loudest, and that’s too bad. I’m just doing my part to help create a free-thought zone and give the other side a voice. It’s exciting – exhilarating, even,” said Sorbo.

THE 12 BIGGEST LIES explores several topics that may be viewed as extremely controversial to some audiences. “Men and women are equal”, “The world is overpopulated”, and “Islam is a religion of peace” are some of lies exposed in the documentary. Sorbo’s personality helps to connect with the audience and keep the naysayers glued to their screens.

Featuring interviews from leading minds such as Dr. Ravi Zacharias, Alex Jones, Kerby Anderson, Dr. Craig Hazen, Calvin Smith, Dr. Jeff Seif, Dr. Stanley Monteith, Dr. Katherine Albrecht, Michael Coren, Ray Comfort, Jack Kinsella, Nonie Darwish, and many others; 12 BIGGEST LIES marks Cloud Ten’s ninth documentary, and is the follow up to DRAGONS OR DINOSAURS?, which revealed shocking new evidence in the age old creation vs. evolution debate.