Homophobia and Karma: T.D. Jakes Edition

The Dallas Voice, by way of Box Turtle Bulletin, brings us this news:

The son of T.D. Jakes — the Dallas megachurch pastor who’s called homosexuality a “brokenness” and declared that he would never hire a sexually active gay person — was arrested in a gay sex sting in Kiest Park in January, according to Dallas police reports. […]

T.D. Jakes is the founder of the Potters House, a 30,000-member church in South Dallas. A vocal opponent of same-sex marriage, he’s been criticized by HIV/AIDS activists for undermining prevention of the disease by stigmatizing homosexuality and drug use. 

Jakes joins a distinguished list of anti-gay public figures with gay sons and daughters, including such luminaries as Phyllis Schlafly, Alan Keyes, Randall Terry, and notorious Oklahoma lawmaker Sally Kern. (One might be tempted to list Dick Cheney, but Mary Cheney seems to have been able to bring him around somewhat on the issue.)