Hip Lingo

After Oklahoma state Rep. Sally Kern’s anti-gay speech—in which she warned that the “homosexual agenda” is “the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam”—was made public and Kern became the center of attention, some right-wing activists rushed to her defense, including Matt Barber of Concerned Women for America and Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth, the sources she cited for proof that gays are out of destroy America. CWA’s Barber complained that Kern had been subjected to “tremendous assault” by “homosexual anti-Christian hate groups.”

[Jamming]But the Oklahoma chapter of CWA has its own take:

An Oklahoma State Representative is being “jammed” by homosexual activists and a sympathetic media for taking a stand on homosexuality, and she is not backing down.  The term “jamming” refers to the public smearing of Christians, traditionalists or anyone else who opposes the “gay” agenda.

According to CWA Oklahoma director Linda Caswell, “Rep. Kern represents the vast majority of Oklahomans.”