Heretofore Nonexistent Demographic Supports Palin

Fresh off of getting arrested protesting at the Democratic convention, militant anti-abortion activist Patrick  Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition writes that “Faith Moms,” an arbitrary group that he just made up, will play an important role in the upcoming election and, based on anecdotal evidence from his own family,  they unanimously support Sarah Palin:

In the 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections, key demographic groups were soccer and security moms. For 2008, that key demographic may be “Faith Moms.”

These “Faith Moms” represent millions of women who attend weekly Bible studies; volunteer for and coordinate church activates and are the foundation of thousands of churches across America.

Governor Palin has energized these women like no other national candidate in history.

National Christian leader says these “Faith Moms” could very well hold the key to who will be the next President of the United States.

Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition, states, “In 35 years of political work, I have never seen a candidate energize Christian women like Governor Sarah Palin. These ‘Faith Moms’ are the millions of women that attend weekly Bible study and discussion groups, coordinate church activities, drive their children to youth group and choir practice and are literally the lifeblood of thousands of churches across America. Both Catholic and Evangelical churches would have a hard time functioning without these dedicated ‘Faith Moms.’

Through her compelling personal narrative as a wife, mother of five, mayor, governor and a ‘Faith Mom’ herself, Sarah Palin has electrified these women all across the country. I have seen it in my own wife of 35 years and in my three daughters all in their 20’s.