Heck No, Our Kids Won’t Go (to School with Gay Kids)!

After the Governor of California recently signed into law two bills aiming to protect and support LGBT students, the president of a right-wing anti-public education organization urged ‘Christian’ parents to remove their children from public schools:

“‘Heck no, our kids won’t go!’ should be the rallying cry of Christian parents this week as school starts, instead of following the broad road of perversion and destruction that California schools are offering,” said Charles B. Lowers, Executive Director of Considering Homeschooling.

“Worldview surveys show that the majority of kids from Christian homes are humanists by graduation. School-based “clinics” are expanding (AB 2560) to ensure that your daughters get birth control and abortions without you knowing. Now that the homosexuals are dictating curriculum, 80-90% of Christians should be homeschooling, not the other way around!”

With a reference to the recent suspect in the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey, Lowers warns parents:

“Public school is no place for innocent little kids. If they don’t get molested by the John Karr’s who are in the system, their minds and hearts will be molested by the curriculum.”