‘He Is Great Mentally’: Paula White Struggles To Defend Trump’s Reckless Twitter Habits

While appearing on CBN’s “Faith Nation” program today, Paula White, a prosperity gospel preacher who serves as one of President Trump’s key spiritual advisers, struggled to defend the president’s absurd tweet from last night in which he bragged about possibly nuking North Korea with a “Nuclear Button” that is “bigger and more powerful” than Kim Jong Un’s.

Asked her thoughts on Trump’s “Twitter temperament,” White attempted to defend Trump’s statement by attacking CNN and rambling incoherently about Trump’s great mental health.

“I’m not surprised about CNN always creating a story or saying something,” White said. “I can tell you our president is doing absolutely phenomenal, that he is in great health in every way. So what people make of each Twitter [sic] is up to themselves. I mean, that’s between the administration and what they put out. We’ve seen all kinds of Twitters, but even more crazy—I shouldn’t say more crazy—what we’ve seen crazy is some of the stories that come out like from CNN that you referenced about his mental health. He is great mentally.”