‘Have You Ever Seen A President So Crucified?’: Jim Bakker Says Attacks On Trump Are A Sign Of The Apocalypse

End Times prepper pastor Jim Bakker said on his television program today that the attacks on President Trump are a sign that the White Horse of the Apocalypse is galloping across America and that the wildfires and Hollywood sexual assault scandals are God’s judgment on California.

“That white horse is the spirit of the Antichrist,” Bakker said. “I believe this with all my heart … That white horse is that spirit of hatred, that spirit to conquer with verbal [sic]. What’s going on? Look at what’s going on in Hollywood. I think God’s judgment is coming to California. I believe God’s judgment is on Hollywood. Hollywood and California [have] been on fire. Is this God’s judgment? You figure that out.”

“I believe we’re seeing the judgment of God,” he added. “This is that white horse today, this is the warfare of information age, this is the warfare of destruction from television, from Hollywood. What are they doing to our president? Have you ever seen a president so crucified by words? They’re determined that they are going to get him impeached. They’re still taking about it. Others, this last few days have filed more impeachment papers against our president. It’s insane! They have no basis to base it on but rhetoric and words. Anti-American spirit, you see this in the world today.”

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