Has Fischer Been Dumped By The Values Voter Summit?

Before last year’s Values Voter Summit, we made a concerted effort to hold organizers and participants accountable for willingly sharing the stage with Bryan Fischer, the Religious Right’s most unapologetic bigot.

Fischer was a featured speaker at the event, just as he had been the year before, and we called upon Republican leaders like Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann who were scheduled to speak alongside of Fischer at the event to take a stand about Fischer’s relentless bigotry.

Needless to say, they refused to do any such thing and Fischer was given twenty minutes to spew his hatred from the stage.

Organizers are now starting to gear up for this year’s Values Voter Summit and while looking over the list of “confirmed and invited speakers,” we noticed one glaring omission:

Where is Fischer? He should be listed right there in between Erick Erickson and Ed Feulner with a big asterisk next to his photo denoting that he is a confirmed speaker, just as he was last year:

So what gives?  Don’t tell me that the Religious Right is finally starting to have qualms about continually giving Fischer a platform from which to embarrass the entire movement.