Harry Jackson Says Black Lives Matter Can Never Achieve True Justice Because There Are ‘A Few Lesbians’ In Leadership Positions

During an appearance on “The Jim Bakker Show” last week, right-wing pastor Harry Jackson said that people cannot trust the Black Lives Matter movement to bring justice to America because there are “a few lesbians” in leadership positions.

“We can’t have social justice, we need biblical justice,” he said. “It matters whose allegiance or whose definition of justice you are going to use to bring justice to the culture. It matters that Black Lives Matter has, at the head, a few lesbians who are against the patriarchal society—you see, black people can say this; white folks, you have a hard time saying this about Black Lives Matter.”

“Black Lives Matter is true,” Jackson added. “The fact that there does need to be a value of human life, but by destroying biblical foundations, you can never arrive at God’s justice. You’ve got to do it God’s way.”