Hagee: Gay Marriage = ‘Kiss This Country Goodbye’

“[T]he greyer your hair becomes, the more entrenched your thinking becomes,” opined televangelist John Hagee in a sermon rebroadcast yesterday. Hagee waxes nostalgic about the old days—before the advent of things like television, penicillin, and gay rights. Certainly Hagee, whose figure can be seen in millions of homes, has adapted to television and frozen food. But apparently, this “entrenched” thinking is a fine justification for pushing an anti-gay marriage amendment to the Constitution.

For those of you who were born before 1945, closets were for clothes, not something strange people were coming out of. …

It was a different world. … No wonder there’s such a generation gap in the world today. You’re not from my world, and I’m not from yours.

That’s why my generation thinks we need a constitutional amendment to protect the sanctity of marriage that guarantees that, in America, the only marriage to be recognized is the marriage between a man and a woman! In the house of God!

There are so many things in America that have changed. That should never change. And you listen to me: If it does, you can kiss this country goodbye.