Hagee: Economic Woes God’s Punishment for Abortion

Televangelist John Hagee recently received political absolution from Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League. “This case is closed,” announced Donohue, apparently intending that his judgment would keep Hagee from dogging John McCain.

However, the Catholic Church is just one of many topics Hagee addresses with his trademark style. From New Orleans to welfare to immigration, Hagee continues to confront everyday issues with the certainty of apocalyptic judgment. Just this week, for example, his TV program aired a sermon that dealt with economic issues (a potential weakness for McCain’s campaign), education, and terrorism:

If you do not accept the blessing of children, and [you] do as America has done, is to curse the children through abortion, you will bring the judgment of God on your society. …

The liberal mental midgets protesting for abortion-on-demand are too brain-dead to see that they have brought the judgment of God upon America’s economy. Why are America’s major universities right now recruiting students from abroad? … Why? Because we killed ours.

America’s now developing a society that knows nothing about the Founding Fathers. They don’t know anything about American history. They’re “global citizens,” the citizens of the world. And that’s why they can live among us and then become terrorists [Hagee snaps] overnight.