Grover Makes a Funny

Grover Norquist has decided to request a government bailout

I write today to formally request $700 billion from the TARP Capital Purchase Program. Since unionized auto companies, state and local governments, and certain credit card companies are applying, I thought I should, as well … I have a plan for this $700 billion which should be just what’s needed to get the American economy going.  Since the money came from the taxpayers in the first place, I propose giving it back to them.

I suspect that he is trying to make a joke because he tells the Treasury Department to “consult my staff for any ACH transfer information your people may need.”  As anybody familiar with Norquist already knows, that’s not how he operates at all. 

If he was serious about getting funding for his operations, he’d just have Jack Abramoff swindle some Indian tribes out of millions of dollars and then funnel the money to him via his Americans for Tax Reform.  And he certainly wouldn’t pass the rest on to the taxpayers; instead he would take a large cut and the rest would go to people like Ralph Reed in order to cover the money trail and nobody would find out until a Senate investigation uncovered the illegal activity and a bunch of people went to jail.