Gordon Klingenschmitt: People Who Criticize Me Are Demon-Possessed

On a recent episode of his “Pray In Jesus Name” program, Religious Right activist and Colorado state legislator Gordon Klingenschmitt said that people who criticize him are demon-possessed.

After reporting on a story about the Christian governor of Jakarta being put on trial for blaspheming Islam, Klingenschmitt declared that “there is a demonic spirit of persecution in the world” that exists in Islamic radicals in various nations as well as in LGBT activists in America.

“They all hate Christians and they want to silence us,” he said, “and they want to accuse us and they want to falsely attribute words to us that we never said and then they want to twist our words to claim that we are the haters, that we are the criminals for simply exposing their evil.”

Klingenschmitt declared that Christians who simply tell the truth are “going to stir up some angry demons inside of your opposition.”

“That doesn’t mean you’re wrong,” he continued. “That doesn’t mean the Christians are wrong. It means there is something inside of those other people that was there before we came and now it’s getting angry because it is being exposed and that is the demonic spirit.”