GOP’s version of political correctness

Some on the right have tried to claim that Arizona’s new immigration law has nothing to do with racism, xenophobia, or nativism. No, they say, it’s just about enforcing the rule of law! 

But this incident at an Idaho county fair speaks to the true motivations of at least some who support the Arizona law:

Some Republicans are unhappy with the Bonner County Fair’s theme of “Fiesta at the Fair,” in light of ongoing battles to stop illegal immigration from Mexico.

The Bonner County GOP said it will decorate its booth with the word “celebrate” instead of “fiesta.” The Republicans have also asked Arizona officials for some license plates to put in the booth, to show support for that state’s controversial law targeting illegal immigrants.

“The Republicans at BCRCC want to make it very clear that English is our primary language, and call our booths ‘Celebrate!’ and display some Arizona license plates if you have some to spare,” Bonner County Republican Central Committee Chairman Cornel Rasor wrote in a letter to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, according to The Spokesman-Review newspaper.

Via the Progress Report