GOProud’s Barron Has No Intention of Apologizing to Tony Perkins or Jim DeMint

In an article last week about the conflict at CPAC over the inclusion of the gay conservative group GOProud and the subsequent boycott by various Religious Right leaders and organizations, GOProud’s Chris Barron called ACU board member Cleta Mitchell “a nasty bigot” for opposing the organization’s participation.

In a piece on FrumForum the very next day, Barron apologized for the remark, apparently in response to news that incoming ACU Chairman Al Cardenas was reconsidering GOProud’s continued participation in the conference.

On Friday, Alan Colmes had Barron on his radio program to discuss the controversy and asked him why he had apologized to Mitchell but not Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, whom he called “a nasty, anti-gay bigot,” or to Sen. Jim DeMint, Joseph Farah, or Concerned Women for America, whom he accused of living on “the Island of Political Misfit Toys. ” And Barron made clear that he had no intention of apologizing to Perkins or anyone else who participated in the boycott, including DeMint, claiming they had all chosen to side with the crazy, conspiracy theorists over at WorldNetDaily rather than stand with the conservatives at CPAC: