GOP Rep: Terrorists May Learn Spanish to Pose as Illegal Immigrants

According to Representative Sue Myrick (R-NC), Hezbollah agents may be learning Spanish and disguising themselves as illegal immigrants in order to get into the US. TPM reported the following exchange between her and her FOX News interviewer:

“It really bothers me because here we are with a porous border, not really paying attention to who is coming over, what’s happening with Iran and Hugo Chavez and Venezuela. We know that there are people going to Venezuela learning Spanish and then coming up through Mexico with fake documents trying to cross the border. If they’re stopped they say, “Well, I’m Mexican or Spanish.”

…[FOX] host Brian Kilmeade was convinced: “Instead of talking about Mexicans coming here for a better life, we’re talking about Hezbollah coming here to infiltrate our borders and attack the country. That would change the entire dialogue when it comes to illegal immigration.”

(Myrick’s proof that this is taking place, by the way, is that some imprisoned gang members in the Southwest have tattoos in Farsi.)

Yesterday the right wing checked off three hateful strategies from our Right Wing Playbook on Immigration Reform. Now Rep Myrick and her pals at FOX are taking care of a fourth: illogically portraying immigrants as criminals and terrorists.