GOP Candidate Michael Snyder Says Vegas Shooting Was Probably An Antifa Attack On Trump Supporters

Michael Snyder is a radical Religious Right prepper pundit who is among the Republican candidates running for Congress in Idaho to replace Rep. Raul Labrador. As a kindred spirit of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and a regular guest on his radio program, it was no surprise to seem him appear again on Jones’ show earlier this week to discuss his theory that the man responsible for carrying out the mass shooting in Las Vegas last week was an Antifa activist who was targeting supporters of President Trump.

“I believe it was an attack on Trump supporters,” Snyder said, without citing any actual evidence to support his theory. “Somebody had remembered that they had spotted this guy at an anti-Trump protest in Reno back in August, so people started hunting for this video and they found it. In fact, we found three different videos … and so we don’t know 100 percent if it’s this guy but we’ve got him from a whole bunch of different angles and it appears to be him.”

“A guy in a pink NASA shirt in a pink hat and so if he was at that anti-Trump rally in August in Reno, that explains a lot,” he continued, “because this was obviously set up way ahead of time because you had to pick this target in advance, this country music festival. Even the mainstream media is admitting why would you target a country music festival? Well, lots of Trump supporters are going to be there, conservatives are going to be there so it would be the kind of target you would pick if you want to attack Trump supporters.”

As blurry and indistinct footage from rally played, focusing on the unknown middle-age white male in attendance, Jones piped up to declare “that last video looks like him.”

“Bone structure, the way he smiles, he looks like an idiot,” Jones declared. “I’m not saying that’s the guy … but holy Toledo. I’m telling you, that looks like his eyes, his smile.”