GOP Candidate Jarrin Jackson Accuses Michelle Obama of Promoting ‘Evil Godlessness’ and ‘Luciferianism’

Jarrin Jackson, a radical antisemitic, anti-LGBTQ right-wing activist and conspiracy theorist who is running for a seat in the Oklahoma Senate, has a long history of making outrageous comments, as The Oklahoman documented Friday. As if to prove that point, Jackson used his livestream Friday morning to suggest that former first lady Michelle Obama is a man and to accuse her of promoting “evil godlessness” with her forthcoming book.

Obama is set to release “The Light We Carry” later this year and recently filmed a promotional video to promote it in which she explained that the book contains tips for those who may be feeling “out of balance” on how to remain “centered” during these difficult times.

For Jackson, Obama’s use of such terms means that she is promoting “Luciferianism.”

“She ain’t a Christian,” Jackson said. “In fact, you know there’s a song I want to play.”

Jackson then played a short clip of Aerosmith’s “Dude Looks Like A Lady” before mockingly pretending that he mistakenly played that song.

“I didn’t mean to play the first one,” Jackson asserted facetiously. “Michelle Obama is new age. She’s lying. She doesn’t know Jesus.”

“She’s occultic,” he continued. “She’s talking about balance. Balance. It’s the light and the dark. That’s occultism. She’s balancing this, and whenever she’s saying the light, what light is it, Michelle? See, Jesus is the light.”

“Michelle is talking about balance, bringing the light, centering herself,” Jackson griped. “That’s yoga. That’s Hinduism. Kundalini crap. That’s evil godlessness. That’s Luciferianism. Stay far away from that. But yet there’s gonna be very many people that are deceived because they like her, they think she’s nice and sweet and Black. … That’s godlessness right there.”