GOP Campaign Worker Caught Using Racist, Sexist Slurs Against Black Opponent’s Campaign

A campaign worker for a Republican county legislator in Nassau County, New York was caught using racist and sexist slurs earlier this week against his opponent’s campaign and a family member. The sister of Democratic candidate Carrie Solages, who is black, was filming a campaign worker of legislator John Ciotti while he was trying to put the Republican legislator’s campaign signs on Solages’ office. In the video, the campaign worker calls her a “pig” and yells at her and another African American woman outside the office, “Call animal control so we can arrest ‘em.” Later in the video, he says to another Ciotti volunteer, “We will put them on the back of the bus where they belong.”

Two years ago, workers for the Ciotti campaign shouted down his Democratic challenger during her campaign kickoff speech. This time, Ciotti fired the campaign worker and denounced his remarks, but now a civil rights attorney has accused the Republican incumbent’s campaign of intimidation.